Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Anyone want a learning Chavrusah catered?

If there is anyone who would like small refreshments served at any kind of learning Chavrusah in a shul, we can do it. Call 718-338-6043. Don't be afraid to ask about specials situations.

While everything we do at at our regular kitchen is pareve, if someone can provide a Kosher kitchen we can prepare there organic (or other Kosher) meals that include meat. Don't be shy to ask. If this is something we can't do, we'll tell you.

Update May 18: There is kitchen in a different shul we might be able to rent for purposes of producing anything not parveh, which would mostly be chicken.

Passover Seder catered

Excellent Kosher Food Catering catered a Passover Seder. We did two Seders for Congregation B'nai Isaac at 54 Avenue O, corner of West 9th Street. The Seders were held in the place a Kiddush is given on Shabbos and where davening is done during the week and (usually) Shabbos afternoon.

There were three tables used out of four (one was a kind of spare) or about 15 to 20 people at each Seder, some of whom would not have had a different Seder to go to. This included one person at least who attended a first Seder at another shul which did not hold a second one.

The cooking could not be supervised by the Va'ad HaRobbonim of Flatbush because this was done in my own kitchen. This was the first thing prepared after the kitchen was Kashered for Pesach. The cooking went on from about 2 P.M on Thursday, April 17th, the 12th of Nisan, till about 2 P.M Friday, April 18th, the 13th of Nisan. (Erev Pesach was Shabbos)

Food was prepared for up to 25 people a Seder. Shemurah Matzoh, Haggadahs and wine or grape juice was not included, which was provided separately. The two sternos also were provided separately. I charged $600 for all the work and items. Delivery was made by someone from the shul. I gave instructions as to how to warm up etc.

There was a lot of Shemurah Matzoh left over and people at that shul ate Shemurah Matzoh (along with other things) all week after davening.

I only bought and began cooking for myself after this was over. It turned out that I had no potatoes or anything for Karpas, because this was somehow not checked out. But I had guests.

One of the guests wanted to bring something so they bought potatoes, so we quickly prepared them and cooked them. And we told them to bring potatoes for the second night too.

We are very interested in any kind of special situations like this.

If anyone wants to know the Passover menu that can be provided. It was not entirely perfect - they didn't manage to find all the soup, and there was not enough apple sauce - there was none left over for the second Seder.

Update: May 16: At some point in the future we hope to have some pictures of the layout of the seder the preparations, as it looked on Friday afternoon, the day before Erev Pesach. But first some pictures will have to be developed and someone will have to learn how to upload and post them on this blog.

There is also a picture of Chanukah party which was, I guess you could say, catered, although it was all before this business started.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Correction of sorts: Excellent Kosher Food Catering is our name

Actually, the name of the business is Excellent Kosher Food Catering. Organic Kosher catering is more of a description of what we wanted to do, but we are not limited to organic.