Monday, June 15, 2009

Kosher by You - Alternative to a Hechsher

We haven't been doing very much business - this has still not gotten off the ground - and we had to drop our Hechsher a while ago. We still hope to get another hechsher but in the meantime, we are offering something that might be even better depending on your skills and disposition.

Anybody that wants to cabn go into our kitchen and ask and questions. In other words do their own investigation. So that way, everybody and anybody can give us a hechsher.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Looking to cater Bris

Do you have, or will you have, a bris to make?

Consider using us. Good Kosher food and all parave and not too expensive compared to some other alternatives. Look at the entire menu at Don't pay too mujch attention to the prices - we are offering discounts for the first couple or so people who do this so don't let the price stop you.

We can also make or buy a few extra things that are not on our menu to include with the meal and can also make private recipes.

Best would be if the bris was in the Agudas Achim shul at 1564 Coney Island Avenue, between Avenue L and Avenue M, across the street, more or less, from Chaim Berlin. (Rabbinical Academy Mesivta Rabbi Berlin at 1593 Coney Island Ave)

Don't forget also - we will prepare and deliver things for Shabbos or weekdays. So you can test out and taste any dishes in advance.

Contact me at 718-338-6043.

New Product - pita type bread

We have come up with a new idea - pita bread without a pocket in it.

The way pita bread is usually made there is a pocket in which you can stuff things like falafel. T

In this case, there would not be an empty space or pocket in the bread. But it would be the same bread. You could dig out your own hole and put falafel in it.

The way this is different from, say, a whole rye bread, is that rye bread is not strong - if you dig out the inside it will collapse. Pita bread is stronger and you can make your own pocket.

This way you get more bread but you also can put falafel or anything else in a pocketb after yiou eat a little bread.