Monday, March 24, 2008

Get a bag of whole wheat rolls ABSOLUTELY FREE!!

Just call (718-338-6043) or e-mail us ( or even leave a comment here and we'll get you a free bag of Whole Wheat rolls (about one pound) made from the same flour that goes to make Ora's Bread.

This bread is very light and fluffy and may have a low glycemic index - it feels that way anyway.

While it hasn't been specially tested, see what says about whole grains.

All you need to do is leave a message on our answering machine (and your address too, of course! No need or reason to leave your e-mail address.)

Also - get any of these five menu items at half price with a $10 order:

Whole Wheat Bread or Whole Wheat Challah (1 pound loaf, not divided into small rolls)
Cheeseless Pizza (1 pound)
Nut Oat Cake (up to one pound)
Granola (one pound)
Parve Chulent (one pound)

Pre-Pesach party special: $20 a person.

Click on for a direct link to the menu.

Our e-mail is

All you need to do to send e-mail is to click on the icon containing a little black arrow inside an envelope that is just to the right of the word Comments below. A web form will open where you can leave e-mail. (to anyone actually about anything) You can't change the subject header which is Organic Kosher Catering. Type in as the "Friend's Email Address" and fill in the rest. After you send it gives you a link to go back to the main blog page.

(That is not the standard way to leave comments which is to click on comments and then follow instructions)

Special expires before Pesach.


The Yankee Despiser said...

Best of luck! It's about time the Jewish community was offered organic food. Obesity is a big problem in the frum community, so shkoyach for doing something to help it.

Anonymous said...

>> Obesity is a big problem in the frum community, so shkoyach for doing something to help it. <<

A big problem is that when people eat at Simchas or at somebody else's house, or on special occasions at home. They eat in ADDITION to what they would normally eat, and not INSTEAD of what they WOULD NORMALLY EAT.

Some of the problem could be avoided by following the Rambam's , or part of the Rambam's, guidelines. See

It is possible that some of his advice a\would apply more to the people in that time and was affected by the microbiological environment they lived in.

But at least he talks about limiting food. the way he puts it,
you should not eat past the point where you are 3/4 full.