Wednesday, May 21, 2008

New items in our menu

We are constantly working on new dishes to add to our menu.

Right now we are working on some kind of whole wheat item with raisins. The shape has not yet been worked out.

We are also working on main dish pies. While many kinds of pies are available in England, but in the United States you can mostly get only fruit pies (usually eaten for dessert) or, possibly, chicken pot pie.

The pies I am talking about are eaten at the start or middle of the meal.

The latest item added is potato and carrot pie. Next on the list is butternut squash pie, and the third one will probably be eggplant pie. (The recipe we are using for the potato pie originally also contained eggplant but we took it out because some people have allergies to eggplant. But eggplant may be a separate pie.)

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