Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Ora's Bread now available for sale on the street at Vitamins Plus

You can now buy Ora's bread (rolls or Challah) in bags containing at least 12 ounces at Vitamins Plus. Vitamins Plus is now located at 1340 Coney Island Avenue, 5 or 6 store fronts (depending on how you count) north of Avenue J.

That is on the west side of Coney Island Avenue between Avenue J and the post Office (and needless to say, much further up, Avenue I)

Years ago - it's been some time now - the same store used to be on Avenue J just east of Coney Island Avenue a bit ahead of Rite Aid but still very close to where the bus stopped. You could get off the bus and almost step right in. It was there in 1995 and had been for many years. I am not sure exactly when it had to move but it has been some time now.

Things have changed so much that, now, on that side of Avenue J, a separate stop, near E. 12 St has been created for the B6 bus (the B11 still stops by the bus shelter and on the other side. They are both still in front of the bank) Rite Aid is gone too, replaced by Down and Dirty Liquidators, which is a new business that now has a few outlets.

Of course before Rite Aid there was a Pathmark and before that a number of small stores including a newsstand. The Jewish Press was 50 cents then (this goes back to sometime in the 1980s)

The telephone number of Vitamins Plus (you might want to telephone to see if any are left, or you just might want to have that number available anyway for reference - is (718) 258-6162.

Our telephone number, of course, is (718) 338-6043.

Update Friday May 9, 2008: Next week, we will also have our Nut Oat Cake available there.

Update May 19: It is there now since the middle of last week. If you don't find it, call 718-338-6043.

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